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 Baywatch Diving & Fun Center

Alona Beach, Panglao Island Bohol 6340 Philippines  Tel: (63 38) 502-9028 / 502-9146 Fax: (63 38) 502-9388



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Dive SitesText Box: Apo Island

 Text Box: Sumilon Island


(8) B.B.C/ONE DIVE(15 MN. FROM THE RESORT) the sandy top start between 3-5 meters deep with a lot of soft and hard corals, the drop off goes to 22-25 meters with sandy bottom, and with a lot of corals and sea fans attached to the wall. On this dive site there is a natural chinney who start at 12 meters and finish around 7 meters deep. We can see more eels, frog fishes and tropical fishes etc.

·         Visibility: 14-18 meters

·         Temperature: 24 to 30 degrees,slight  current


(7) ALONA BEACH/ONE DIVE(5 MN.FROM THE RESORT) the drop off start at 5-6 meters from the surface and a lot of corals can be seen already this one goes down until 18-20 and finished with a sandy bottom who end at 55-60 meters. We can see a lot of sand eel (heteroconger hassi) at the bottom of the drop off around 20-25 meters. On that one stand many hard and soft corals, frog fish, stone fish and others corals fishes (angel and butterflies) that we find in the tropical sea.

  • Visibility:14 to 18 meters
  • Temperature: of the water is around 24-26 degrees form November to February and around 29-30 degrees the rest of the year. The current is slight to moderate on the drop off.


(7)KALIPAYAN / ONE DIVE (10 MN FROM THE RESORT) mmm easy dive recommended for beginners, same as from alona beach. Drop off until 15 meters, followed by sandy bottom. Hard and soft corals can be seen so with many tropical fishes. Current slight.

  • Visibility: 10-20 meters
  • Temperature:24-30 degrees.


(3)PUNTOD ISLAND/ ONE DIVE (20MN FROM THE RESORT) mmm this site is a favorite site for snorkeler and divers as well. The top of the reef starts at 2-3 meters, and you will see right away a very nice coral garden, with tropical fishes specially colonies of bassets and damsels on the top of the corals, and also clowns fishes with their host. On the edge of the reef is the start of the very mystical drop off, with a 40-45 meters depth, with a sandy bottom until the…abyss. mixture of hard and soft corals are clinging to them, like sea fans, sponges and elephant ear corals as well. Schools of stripe bonitos, surgeons and lions, scorpion fishes are only few of the residents of the site.


  • Visibility: 18-20 meters, slight to moderate current.


  • Temperature: around 28 C. December/April and 30/31 c the rest of the year.


(2) DOLJO POINT/ ONE DIVE (45 MN. FROM THE RESORT) this dive is well known specially for his huge sea fans (bergorgia mollis) more than one meter wide, and the”elephant ear”, a kind of soft coral who could be seen during the dive additional to the numerous corals.Many fishes can be seen and also pelagic fishes.The drop off start at 6 to 10 meters and goes to 30-40 meters,and then slope to the … abyss.

  • Visibility: 16-20 meters, slight current
  • Temperature:between 24-30 degrees


(6) BALICASAG – BLACK FOREST/ ONE DIVE (30 MN FROM THE RESORT) why black forest? Because it is made of black coral (antiphates sp.), who grows from 25-30 meters,nice and huge corals we enjoy to swim through their branches.The drop off fall down slowly after 12 meters from the surface until 40 meters (sand bottom). Many soft and hard corals so with specially butterfly fishes: (heniochus acuminatus).

  • Visibility:14-20 meters, slight to moderate current.
  • Temperature:24-30 degrees.


 (5) BALICASAG –CATHEDRAL/ ONE DIVE (30 MN FROM THE RESORT) the top of the drop off start around 3-4 meters am extraordinary garden of soft coral can be seen just at the beginning of the dive, and it is a favorite dive site for snorkeler.Wall drop down to 30-35 meters.with a lot of tropical fish and mixed corals.

  • Visibility: 16-to 30 meters.
  • Temperature:24-30 degrees ,current slight to moderate.


(4) BALICASAG IS.–SANCTUARY/ONE DIVE(30 MN FROM THE RESORT) it is a protected site ( marine sanctuary), breeding place for the bonitas (jack fish). Most of the time , they are may be a thousand swimming together.It is one the best known area for diving in the visayas and the philpppines with palawan .Th wall goes down directly to sometimes 45 meters and then in slope to80 meters and more a lot of small caves between 10 and  30 meters with soft and corals big variety of small tropical fishes.

  • Visibility:16-25 meters
  • Temperature:24-30 degrees, slight to moderate current.

 (9) CERVIRA SHOAL / ONE DIVE (30 MN FROM THE RESORT) It is an underwater island which top stand at 12 meters from the surface, then goes gradually until 30-35 meters down with a lot of “brocolli”:soft corals (sarcophyton sp.) and others. This shoal (underwater island ) is well known for his underwater snakes we can find around 30 meters deep.We can see also a lot of trigger fishes and others who likes strong current.

  • Visibility: 15  to 20 meters.
  • Temperature:24 to 30 degrees current rather strong,so dive site only recommended for experience diver.

(10) PAMILACAN ISLAND / ONE DIVE(1H00 FROM THE RESORT) Start of the dive around 12 meters, who goes down gradually until 35 meters .With a lot of soft corals “BROCOLLI”(SARCOPHYTON SP.), on the slopes.we can often see groups of napoleon fishes, surgeon fishes and Spanish mackerels.

  • Visibility:16 to 20 meters
  • Temperature: 24-30 degrees and the current is not so strong.

(11-13)CABILAO ISLAND / TWO DIVES (2H00 FROM THE RESORT ) Island well known for the hammer head sharks, specially when the temperature of the water is cooler (December & January ).The wall is very nice with many gorgones, sea – fans hard corals,etc. .and barracudas ,butter – flies fishes, bonitas, etc..can be also seen. The wall goes down to more than 50 meters and on one place it start only at 30 meters deep current generally quite strong.

  • Visibility: 16 to 20 meters
  • Temperature 24 – 30 degrees

(14)SUMILON ISLAND/ONE DIVE(2H30 FROM THE RESORT) Situated in the south of Cebu island, it is a very small island surrounded by a white sand beach. The starts in 5 meters of water, it  ends at the drop off around 18-22 meters deep. A lot of table corals and fishes (crown fishe with sea anemone)  in between 8-18 meters.

  • Visibility: 14-8 meters
  • Temperature:20-30 degrees current slight to medium.

(15) APO ISLAND / 3 DIVES (4H00 FROM THE RESORT) another small island found at the south of negros and its so beautiful outside of the water than inside. The government has preserve the beauty of this island and the waters are marine sanctuaries. Among the things you could see are school of jacks (bonitas), different species of pelagic fishes, giant clams, and the formations of magnificent hard corals in only 3 to 15 meters deep of water, so your dive time will increase a lot. Best dive for photos amateurs and snorkelers. But one of the site it goes to the bottom, so watch your dive. dives on Apo are highly recommended.

  • Visibility:between 16-20 meters.
  • Temperature:24-30 degrees. Current slight to medium.