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Baywatch Diving & Fun Center

           Alona Beach, Panglao Island Bohol 6340 Philippines Tel: (63 38) 502-9028 / 502-9146 Fax: (63 38) 502-9388



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Bohol Dive Sites Phililppines


Bohol has a great wide variety of dive sites. It has everything the reefs, different kinds of corals, walls, big and small fishes, starfishes and other marine life under the sea.


A good point to start is Panglao, a small island known for its acute beach resorts and several dive sites. Trips going to nearby islands of Balicasag, Pamilacan and Cabilao can be organized from here.


It is not advisable to go on your won. It is difficult to find your way, even local divers got lost, so donít be very excited.


You can find a nice snorkeling around the northwest and southwest coast. This area is filled with lots of sea stars, sea snakes and corals.


Another great place is the island of Balicasag. This small island lies about 10km south-west of Panglao. It is surrounded by a coral reef for great diving and snorkeling. On the southern side is a 400m Marine Sanctuary which is protected which local inhabitants know and respect. A great number of different sharks are seen from December to January. Balicasag is always a great dive.


Another island connected to the west coast of Bohol which has some of the best diving sites in the Philippines is Cabilao Island. The sea surrounding the island is remarkably clear. Very suitable for diving and snorkeling. Cabilao is a great site of snorkeling although some shallow parts have been destroyed bye strong currents and typhoons. Amidst of this, Cabilao still ranks among the most beautiful island in the Philippines.


The water temperature in these areas vary between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius. They can fall during the months of February until May. 3mm neoprime wet suit is normally sufficient. The water visibility is between 20 to 30 metters.